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About Michel Delgado

Michel's life and work began in Senegal, on the west coast of Africa. Curiosity and his search for his artistic self led Michel to work with different forms. Today his art resonates with the answers he found then. Michel's memories of Senegal, "a gift from the divine," convey a sense of place and feel. Reminded of West Africa, he is given "pure and beautiful visions," the spirit and life of his work.

It was in Senegal that Michel had his first lesson in color, taking color from the things he saw around him. Learning color in this way meant that it could not be separated from its source and meaning. Using techniques learned while producing commercial art in Paris, Michel segments his paintings, bringing several images together at once to convey memory, time, or histories, the very ground we walk on. Michel reveals unity. The apparent opposites in his work: darkness and light, male and female, positive and negative, are not opposites at all, but rather two aspects of one thing.

Michel believes essentially in the potential for human growth. His work is compassionate and reveals that he understands the pain and solitude of immobility and silence, but he also knows joy, learning and love. Michel offers us this candle and more: the beauty of his images themselves, the beauty that develops through growth, and the beauty and truth that are achieved through connection. He offers us what he calls "this gift of life." his vision, sharing his spirit and love in hope that it may touch and heal. "If it can bring healing and appreciation," he says, "I Will dedicate my energy to that."

Michel is a resident artist at Sunset Celebration, a nightly arts festival in Key West, Florida. He also exhibits at various music festivals during the summer.

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